The Amor Cibi site is completely user-driven. It is (and will continue to be) totally free and easy to use. To browse or search for specific recipes you won't even have to sign-up to open an account. If you wish to contribute recipes to Amor Cibi, we do require you to sign-up so we can track and sort your recipe contributions into your online 'Cookbook".
This site will evolve as we get a better feel for what all of you would like to see. We have a special interest in ethnic dishes from around the world and are happy to be able to preserve dishes that our parents and grandparents prepared and to make them available for generations to come.
Emails with suggestions are always welcome. We can't promise that we will be able to answer your emails but we will make note of requests and trends and will work diligently to make our site ever more useful and fun.
So... start posting those favorite recipes of yours, new and old, so we can all enjoy them. And recommend this site to your friends -- 'like' it on Facebook, tweet it to Twitter and pin individual recipes to Pinterest.
Help us spread the word. And, as always, happy eating!
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