Apple And Spiced Bacon Stuffed Pork Chops

A juicy pork chop stuffed with sweet apple, sweet and spicy bacon, and creamy cheese. -- Tyler Fetzer

Recipe courtesy of: Adventures of a Young Couple
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Preparation Time Cook Time
Ingredients - This recipe makes 4-6
6 boneless pork chops (not thin cut)
1 honey crisp, pink lady or Granny Smith apple
1 lb of bacon
2-3 T brown sugar
½-1 T chili powder
1 shallot, diced
2 slices Provolone cheese, cut into small pieces
1. Mix together brown sugar and chili powder in a bowl. Rub a generous amount on each strip of bacon. Bake bacon on a cookie sheet lined with a cooling rack at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes. While bacon is cooking, season both sides of pork chops well with salt and pepper. Heat a pan over medium high heat and add enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Make a slit in the middle of the pork chop, leaving the sides in tact. Don't cut all the way through. Just enough to spoon filling in. Sear pork chops in hot pan until golden brown on both sides. The pork chops will continue to cook later so they don't need to be fully cooked. Pull out of the pan and let rest. Core and dice the apple. Sautée in same pan pork chops were cooked in. Add shallot. Chop cooked bacon and add in. Remove from heat and stir in Provolone. Spoon into the pork chops. Cook at 375 for 5-10 minutes or until pork chops are done.