Chicken Salad

This yummy Latvian salad is served on all birthdays, new years and parties! This is my own version of it, there are so many other ways to make it, but I hope you like mine! Russian people eat this salad as well, they will add crabsticks instead of chicken, or sometimes you can have both. I like it with crabsticks and without! A MUST TRY dish! Another great thing about this dish is that you can make a massive pot of this salad and you don’t have to cook for 2-3 days! -- Allasyummyfood

Recipe courtesy of: AllasYummyFood
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Preparation Time Cook Time
30 20
Ingredients - This recipe makes 8
1 carrot
2 eggs
250 gr of sweet corn
1 onion
130 gr of white rice
2 chicken thighs
Salt & Pepper
1. Step 1 : Boil eggs, carrot, rice and chicken
2. Step 2 : Cut onion, eggs into small pieces with chicken, grate the boiled carrots and drain the rice.
3. Step 3 : Mix all the ingredients together really well, add salt, pepper and mayonnaise.
4. Step 4 : Serve on a plate as much as you like J Enjoy! Store the rest in the fridge.
Tips and Tricks
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