Ginger, Basil, Teriyaki Eggplant With Mushroom

Eggplant and mushroom steamed in a ginger and teriyaki sauce, with fresh hints of basil and garlic. -- Chrxtie

Recipe courtesy of: Chrxtiecooks
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Preparation Time Cook Time
5 minutes 15-20 minutes
Ingredients - This recipe makes 2 servings
½ Eggplant, about 2 cups, sliced into rounds and cut into quarters.
1 cup onion-cut into strips
3 cloves of garlic-minced
1 tbsp. Ginger-minced
3 tbsp. Olive oil
2 cups white mushrooms-sliced
1 cup water
½ tbsp. Lime juice
2 tbsp. Soy sauce
2 tbsp. Teriyaki sauce
½ cup fresh basil- torn
1. Heat olive oil in pan on medium-high heat.
2. Add onion, sauté 3-5 minutes or until beginning to soften.
3. Add eggplant, sauté 3 minutes.
4. Add water, ginger, garlic, mushroom, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and lime juice.
5. Bring to a boil.
6. Cover and cook 5 minutes.
7. Remove lid, turn heat to high and heat until liquid evaporates, about 3-5 minutes stirring frequently.
8. Turn heat off.
9. Stir in torn basil leaves, and enjoy!
Tips and Tricks
*Use the edge of a spoon to peel the skin off of the ginger.