Green Tomato Chow

I have made this recipe for a few years in a row now. It is delicious. I got it from my mom. This is is a two day process. -- JoJo

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Preparation Time Cook Time
hours plus overngiht 3 hours 1/2 hr sterilize time
Ingredients - This recipe makes approx 7 - 8 250 ml jars
¼ c pickling salt (sea salt or regular salt okay)
6 lbs green tomato (sliced)
5 lbs table onions (sliced)
2 ½ c vinegar
1 tbsp pickling spice
4 c white sugar (or to taste-I start with 3 and go up from there).
1. In a large bowl or pot, layer sliced tomato, then onion, then salt and alternate until all ingredients are used up. Place a weight over the top of it overnight. (I use a heavy plate or two).
2. Drain well in the morning.
3. In a large pot, mix sugar & vinegar until well dissolved over medium heat.
4. Add tomato/onion mixture.
5. Cook to a boil, then simmer for about 3 hours. (Stir occassionally)
6. Add pickling spice for the last ½ hour of simmering.
7. When ready to bottle-discard the pickling spice bag.
8. Bottle while hot into sterile jars.
9. Sterile Jars:
10. Place jars in boiling water for approximately 15 minutes.
11. Place lids in hot water for approx 5 minutes.
12. Once jars are filled, finger tighten the rings over the lids.
13. Place filled jars in boiling water for approximately 15 minutes.
Tips and Tricks
I usually make sure I have all the appropriate ingredients before I even start this.